Israel History

Israel History is fascinating & inspiring. We offer unique original vintage magazines with coverage of Israel's dramatic history. We also offer officially licensed reprints of newspapers covering Israeli history.  

From original and hard to find LIFE Magazines that include dramatic photographs and news coverage of certain moments in Israeli history, to original National Geographic magazines that provide in-depth perspectives on Israel History.

We also have officially licensed reprints of the New York Times from May 15, 1948, covering Israel's Declaration of Independence as well as a 16-page compilation of historical front pages from the New York Times over the course of Israel's existence, including wars, terror attacks, and peace accords.

You can also order the May 15th 1948 edition of the Washington Post Newspaper Book to get full coverage and the ability to personalize the cover with the recipient's name.

These items are great for anyone who loves history, Israel or both! 

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