Why Buy from AnyDate Gifts?

Finding the right gift for someone special is an increasingly daunting task. One one hand, there are so many attractive options on the market these days that it is simply overwhelming. On the other hand, we are often shopping for people who seem to “have it all,” leaving us to wonder, “What can I possibly find that will be unique and appreciated?”

That’s where AnyDate Gifts can help out!

For nearly three decades, our focus has been providing our customers the opportunity to give the increasingly rare gift of an original newspaper to a loved one for a birthday, anniversary or other special date.

Original historic newspapers are unique since they serve as a time machine that catapults a person back to a different, bygone era. By perusing the newspaper from their hometown, recipients come to appreciate just how much they have achieved in their life, how much they have grown and how much they really do have to be thankful for. Few are the gifts that have the power to elicit such an amazing reaction!

Over the years, we have had the privilege of helping thousands upon thousands of customers find the right gift for people of all ages – from newborns to centenarians, and all ages in between! Birthday Newspapers, vintage LIFE Magazines, frame memorabilia and our other gifts are truly unique gift that are sure to be appreciated by all! Don't just take our word for it - read what our customers say!

Aside from our single-minded dedication to the Birthday Newspaper gift, there are other reasons why one should choose AnyDate Gifts:

  • No Hidden Costs – Some ecommerce sites lure you into a long and complicated order process, only to hit you with a larger than expected shipping or handling cost. We reject that sort of unfair business practice, and that’s why with AnyDate Gifts you’ll see the final product cost, including shipping/handling, even before you add the product to the shopping cart!
  • Exact Match Guarantee - When an exact match for an original newspaper is unavailable, we'll be in contact with you to let you know which papers we do have for the date. If you're not pleased with the options, we'll refund you - no questions asked!
  • Ordering Options – We’ll be pleased to take orders over the telephone; and international orders are welcome as well.
  • Constant Contact – Before, during and after you order from AnyDate Gifts, we’re available to help! You can call or email us. We’ll always try to respond in detail and as promptly as possible.
  • Friendly, Courteous Service – Our middle America upbringing and work ethic helps us provide the friendly, personable service you deserve!
  • Small Business vs. the Conglomerates – While we have nothing against the gigantic "wonders of the web" such as Amazon and others, we are 2nd generation small business owners who believe in the positive values and impact that regular people and small businesses can still make in our wired world.

We’d be very pleased if you decide to purchase a Birthday Newspaper, vintage framed LIFE ad or other product from AnyDate Gifts and we’re certain that you’ll be pleased with your choice as well! Learn more about AnyDate.