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Midterm Madness

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Politics seems to permeate many aspects of our lives. Was it like that in the past? Probably not. But now it is. There are three ways to grapple with this reality:

1) IGNORE it ALL. This is a strategy that sounds great, but it can come back to haunt you. You might wake up to a reality you don't like, and you didn't make any effort to impact it. Hm.

2) EMBRACE it ALL - This is a strategy that is destined to make you crazy. Politics can be all-consuming. Its pits "us" against "them" and we can sometime assume the worst about strangers, friends and even family just because we don't agree on some issue. That's not very "future positive" as they say.

3) VOTE & Move On! Yep, its the tried and true, old school method. On one hand, you should have a say in how your community, state and nation are run. On the other hand, once the election has been decided, its time to put it all behind us (at least until the next election cycle) and get on with life, together as united communities and as a united nation.

If you like politics, we got some cool historical political items just for you. During this maddening midterm season, we're giving $10 off our entire stock - just use the code Politics thru November 15, 2022.

Nothing is More Terrifying (Than Getting it Wrong)

Around this time last year, we wrote the following in a blog:"Today, as the stock market enjoys an ongoing rally, we have to wonder where we are heading. Should we agree with the optimists who see peak after peak or the pessimists who warn of sheer cliffs?"At present, the answer is pretty clear: The pessimists [...]

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Harmonic Convergence (for Sports Fans)

Back in August 1987, the world's first (and only?) synchronized global peace meditation took place. People from all over the world tried their best to tap into a planetary alignment that, according to some "corresponded with a great shift in the earth’s energy from warlike to peaceful."While I am not sure what the results were [...]

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NNW Has Arrived

Hi Eric, Admit it! You've been waiting for this all year long! Yep, its National Newspaper Week! NNW runs Sunday clear through til Saturday October 8th, which is celebrated as "Newspaper Carrier Day!" Someone has to deliver those newspapers -- they don't just arrive before dawn at your doorstep by themselves! As always, we want to take a [...]

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Queen Elizabeth II - A Royal Legacy

Just six months ago, an unprecedented celebration -- the Platinum Jubilee -- took place honoring Queen Elizabeth II for her 70 years on the throne. As her funeral approaches, we wanted to honor a remarkable and tenacious leader who, as England's longest ruling monarch, oversaw an amazing array of historical events and witnessed generational changes that [...]

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It's Now or Never for 2022

Summer can sneak up on you.But the end of summer is even stealthier, appearing out of nowhere to usher in back-to-school rituals, renewed work obligations and the cooler Fall months.So now is the time to take advantage of the waning days of summer. By my reckoning, there are two weeks in which to get in [...]

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The End of a Nightmare

Seventy-seven years ago, on August 15, 1945, Imperial Japan announced its surrender to the Allied Forces which effectively brought World War II to an end. Two weeks later, President Truman showed off the surrender documents as Peace celebrations broke out across the US. Washington Post WWII Collection Over 160 pages of comprehensive historic coverage of all [...]

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The Bumpy Launch of Space X Month II

Decades ago, I came across the PERFECT birthday greeting card. It read:I have a foolproof way of remembering your birthday! Two days after it passes, I slap my forehead and say: Oh BLEEP!Apparently this also applies to the new celebration we invented just one year ago: Space Exploration Month, or Space X Month. It was [...]

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It's happening right now!

As you may have heard, Queen Elizabeth II of England in the midst of officially celebrating her 70 year rule!The Queen's "Platinum Jubilee" is an unprecedented year of celebrations that begins now with a four day holiday in the UK.Why June? Because Queen Elizabeth officially ascended to the throne in June 2, 1953. But that's [...]

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Got a Grad in Your Life?

What's just around the corner for a whole new generation of high school and college seniors? G-R-A-D-U-A-T-I-O-N! Therefore, so is the age-old question -- what do I get my grad? What gift do you go with? Should it be cash? Cash is always cool, but it certainly never stick around.  What about travel? That's fun too, with the [...]

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