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Got a Grad in Your Life?


What's just around the corner for a whole new generation of high school and college seniors?


Therefore, so is the age-old question -- what do I get my grad? What gift do you go with? Should it be cash? Cash is always cool, but it certainly never stick around. 

What about travel? That's fun too, with the only drawback being the capital needed to make it happen. 

A new car? You'd earn many months of gratitude a few years of 'servitude' as you pay it off. 

What about something cultural, cool, and less cash intensive? 

For example, an authentic and iconic framed photograph from the pages of LIFE Magazine? Or framed cover or fun advertisement -- from cars to Coke and beer to buses. 

Choose from hundreds of options, from cool cars to Coke and beer to buses, we have them all.

Old School Culture - Authentic feature photos of historical cultural figures and rock stars that appeared in LIFE Magazine such as MLKMick Jagger The Beatles, Frank Zappa, Jimi Hendrix and The Doors, among others. These are the original pages extracted from LIFE and professionally framed! Get $15 off with code "GoodGrad" through April 14 2022.

A Life Lesson. From Google Analytics??

We live in Google's universe -- there's just no way around that fact. This is particularly true if you run an ecommerce site like we do. There are a lot of things that can spook online retailers, but none more than when Google announces and then makes "changes."  Those rattle us to the core since such "changes" [...]

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Here We Are, Again. How Tragic.

The world has been given a brutal wake-up call over the last couple of weeks. At a time when spring can been seen peaking about in many parts of the country, and around the world, a war has been suddenly and surprisingly unleashed on an independent country, Ukraine.Before the end of last month, headlines of [...]

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‚Äč Yep, You're Seein' Double

There are a lot of special dates in history. Like today, February 22, 2022. Why is this day so unique? There might be more 'meaningful' reasons, but for those who love the digit "2" there's no better day! That's because you can write this month as follows:2-22-22 - in the useful M/DD/YY format02-22-2022 in the [...]

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Talk About Tenacity! She's Got It

Could you do the same job? For 70 years? I know I couldn't! But Elizabeth can! This week, Queen Elizabeth of England marked her Platinum Jubilee commemorating 70 years on the throne! A remarkable accomplishment from a remarkable woman.Here's a cool collection of online photos from throughout the years. Wild stuff.We can go one better than online [...]

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Why? Because 70+ Million People Perished

It was 77 years ago this week -- on the 27th of January 1945 -- that the Russian army liberated the Auschwitz concentration camp. To commemorate the day on which the survivors of the most notorious Nazi death camp were rid of their oppressors, the United Nations General Assembly established January 27th as International Holocaust [...]

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Commemorating MLK & the Civil Rights Movement

Fifty-four years ago, Martin Luther King Jr. was gunned down by assassins in Memphis, Tennessee on April 4, 1968.  As a minister and activist, MLK became the key leader in the American civil rights movement. King chose a nonviolence approach to advance civil rights using civil disobedience and activism inspired by his beliefs and Mahatma Gandhi. His legacy lives [...]

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Popular & Here's Why

The Best Gift of the Season?The data are in: the best and most popular holiday gifts were (ironically) our bound birthday newspaper books.Why? Here are a few reasons: 1. Choice: 5 Titles are Available: NY Daily News, Washington Post, Seattle News, Dallas Morning News or LA Times. 2. Quality: These high-quality bound books also happen to be beautiful! 3. [...]

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What Happened in 2021

When some year winds down, you actually want to look back and see what happened. That may not be the case for 2021, as it probably was not for 2020 either.  These have been unique years. The proverb, "You should live in interesting times" sounds pleasant enough but is apparently a curse, and I think we [...]

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The Family Pack, Just in Time

The family pack is back, just when its needed the most! What's a "family pack?" It's when you purchase three of the below items, you'll get another free! Just add 4 of these products in your cart, and the discount will automatically apply. Good for friends too, not just families!Deals Include:Personalized Book About You - [...]

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