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A Unique Graduation Season

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It is graduation season, and this year’s graduates deserve more credit than ever.

This was a bummer of a school year for nearly all students, but especially so for seniors as this should have been one of the greatest years of their young lives.

Instead of basking in “Graduating Glory” all year long, seniors got social distancing, disposable masks, Dr. Fauci, and millions of missed opportunities. It should have been brilliant, and instead, it was—for many—blah.

Therefore, when considering a gift for this year’s graduates, we say, “Think unique!” For example, domestic, if not (safe) international, travel could be a great experience! It will help them get ready for the next stage in their lives.

We can also suggest something unique—a beautifully framed original advertisement from LIFE Magazine!

What’s cool about these ads—each of which is painstakingly extracted from the original LIFE Magazine in which it appeared decades ago before being carefully framed—is their unassailable “retro” street-cred! They will look great at home, in their dorm or apartment!

Check out all the original framed ads or search by category. From cars to Coke and beer to buses, we have them all.

Great for Father’s Day too!

To help you celebrate your graduate’s special day, we're offering a $15 discount on all of our Framed Original LIFE Magazine Ads. Use with coupon code LIFEFramed now through May 15, 2021.

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