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It's the end of an era for MAD Magazine!

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It's a sad reality for loyal subscribers: MAD Magazine will disappear from newsstands with the release of the August issue. After that, the magazine will reprint old material with new covers, but they will no longer be creating new content.

MAD Magazine had a great time in the spotlight for almost 70 years, and was a leading satirical source of parody, pop culture and politics. Eventually, TV and the internet proved to be an easier address for comedy seekers, and the publication couldn't keep up- although ironically, the magazine served as the inspiration for modern comedians.

MAD Magazine taught us to poke fun at life, not take ourselves too seriously, think critically and question everything. All jokes aside, these are important life lessons!

MAD Magazine is soon to be a collector's item. Stock up on old original issues for fans and followers or for anyone who loves a good laugh!

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