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Summer? It's Here!

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After months of lockdowns, new normals and incessant blah blah about the word that starts with "C," its time break out and start thinking about the the real "SEA" because summer is here!

Over the long weekend, multitudes hit the beaches, lakefronts, shorelines and any area that would provide a little outdoorsy respite from the confines of the place once known as "home" but that morphed into office and classroom as well for many.

From what I experienced, if you got to the beach early you avoided the traffic jams. But it is worth suffering a bit of traffic for the sun, wind and surf that rejuvenates the body and soul!

On June 1, summer officially begins, at least meteorologically speaking. Nearly three weeks later the astronomical summer will begin, but I, for one, don't have patience to wait until them. Summer? It's here and starts now!

To celebrate the arrival of this beloved season, get 10% all products, through June 20 2020 using coupon code: Summer2020

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