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Warning: May = Graduation Days Ahead

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When May rolls around, I get really happy. And also a bit nostalgic. In May, the days are longer, and warmer, and the countdown to Memorial Day and the "official" start of summer has begun. The idea of backyard BBQs and enjoying some cold suds with friends and killing some time the old fashion way just directs my mind to its happy place. 

As for getting nostalgic -- that's because for many years during our younger, formative years, May meant that the end of school was approaching and that was even more enticing than the idea of cookouts with friends. No school meant months of "free" time, even if that time was spent working or helping around the house. Free, meaning no school. Those were magical days when the there were special activities as the school year drew to an end. And, of course, at the end of the end, after 12 years of reading, writing, and arithmetic, when graduation -- and the rest of your life -- was on the horizon only potential and opportunity beckoned. It was awesome.

After four years of college, the same feelings emerged, but at that time "real life" was over the horizon with responsibility and career on the mind. So while it was still fun and exciting, it came with more baggage.

The graduation season is upon us once again. For many born in 2005-6, this will be a special time where they can bask in the glory of finishing high school; and others born in 2001-2 can finish their college degrees. These are big moments in the life cycle of these individuals that are recognized and commemorated with ceremonies at school/college, dinners out, proms, balls and parties the youth would prefer we didn't know that they attend. In the search for suitable graduate gifts, we're hear to help! We cannot provide a new/used car, fun travel opportunities, or class rings. But we do offer some cool cultural items, including framed cultural icons, ads, and historic pages that bring a bit retro cool to any room, dorm, or new apartment. 

Here's to a happy, health, and fun emerging summer!

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