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There is no doubt about it, spring has certainly arrived. If you haven’t been outdoors yet, let me tell you that it’s worth the trip! Flowers are blooming, the trees are green, the sun is out and the air is warm. Spring is all about rebirth and renewal which is reflected in the growth of flowers, plants and trees, as well as the changes in wildlife- as animals awake from hibernation and become more active.

Research finds that the phenomenon of spring fever is real- but it isn’t fun and games for everyone. There is the positive form of spring fever which creates increased energy and improved mood, but then there is also an unpleasant version (sometimes referred to as spring fatigue) that causes sluggishness, aches, irritability and lack of motivation.

It can be confusing, but the reality is that while we experience the same season, we may be reacting very differently to it. True fact! So, if you need some tips to feel better about spring, there are ways you can help yourself so that you can experience a more pleasant version of the season.

Firstly, drink more water! Water is the best way to get your body to adjust to any changes. While you are at it, take some vitamins to supplement what you may be missing in your diet. Strengthening your body is an important step to ensure that it can weather any imbalance (who else likes puns?). What’s more, make an effort to be active and get outdoors so that you can absorb some vitamin D which is an automatic mood booster. And finally, develop a sleep schedule and stick to it (it always amazes me what a good night’s rest can accomplish). These ideas (which are not my own) are terrific for all year round for improved physical and mental health.

If on the other hand you are experiencing all the positives of spring fever, you probably don’t need encouragement- but maybe you can use some ideas of how to take full advantage of the season. In that case I would personally recommend flower picking! Flower farms are not only beautiful and the perfect place to get breathtaking photos, but they are a wonderful way to connect with the beauty of nature (and color), and to create a hand-picked bouquet (literally) that you can proudly bring home or gift to friends or family. It is certainly the perfect way to celebrate the season!

No matter which version of spring fever you experience, this season is all about having a fresh start- which sounds like the perfect time to make better choices towards our health. Let’s hope it has more staying power than a new year’s resolution!


Did you also spend slumber parties as a kid making prank calls? My memories are of a group of us huddled around the phone while one of us bravely picks a number in the phonebook, and starts hyperventilating while dialing the number. We all wait with bated breath. Someone answers the call on the other end of the line [...]

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I used to find myself looking around to see what everyone else was doing. I didn’t want to laugh too loudly if nobody else thought it was funny, I made sure not to wear white after Labor Day, and I even stopped eating my favorite foods in case it would offend the person sitting next to me. Ok, not [...]

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Is anyone else scratching their head wondering how we got to February? I’m still putting away my holiday decorations! Yes. I procrastinate like that- especially when I’m trying to avoid reality. Hey, who doesn’t need a little distraction every so often? (Ok, maybe I need it every day but that’s for another time).So February is a busy month. We’ve got [...]

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New Products from The Seattle Times

We're excited to announce that select newspaper books are now available from The Seattle Times. As part of the effort to increasingly expand newspaper titles offered, The Seattle Times has now joined all-star line up that already includes The Washington Post, Los Angeles Times and The Dallas Morning News.  At present, two new sport books [...]

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Welcome Back, Rocktober!

It comes every year to usher in the Fall.  At long last, Rocktober is BACK!  Who's psyched about that? Well, me for one. The fact is it's always fun to have a reason to celebrate. After enjoying a long summer, we are treated to Labor Day in early September.  November has Thanksgiving and December and January...well, holidays [...]

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“What were you doing when the first tower was hit?” A question you have likely been asked before or have inquired of someone else. I distinctly remember the chaos and confusion right when the news came in. Nobody was sure what to make of it and details were unclear- but soon enough, the painful reality [...]

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Summer's Kid Conundrum

Still a kid at heart, I very much look forward to the summer all year long. I like the heat, and the absence of coldness, of which I am not very fond. But when the summer months actually roll around, my wife and I oftentimes find ourselves a bit overwhelmed with the sheer amount of [...]

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The anniversary of D-Day, also known as the Normandy Landings, is on June 6th. This pivotal day in history is recognized as the beginning of the end of the war in Europe when brave young men risked their lives to achieve freedom and victory. In the months and weeks leading up to D-Day, the Allied forces carried out [...]

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I love spring. Who doesn’t? The flowers are blossoming, the sun is shining, the weather is just right and we can finally put away our coats and gloves. What is it about the hum of a lawnmower that somehow motivates everyone to get active and be productive after hibernating all winter long? I have no idea, but I do know [...]

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