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When I think of the new school year, I definitely get the jitters. Back in the day, I remember the many worries such as will I like my teacher, who will be in my class, which friend (or not friend) will I be seated next to, and the list goes on. This stuff is certainly enough to create full-blown anxiety in a school-age kid.

And today, there are similar worries but from a different perspective. Will my child like his new teacher? Will he be seated next to a good friend? Will he adjust well to the new demands of being a grade older? Will he look forward to going to school each day?

No matter the stage in life, there is always an adjustment period when starting something new. It’s often hard to see beyond it and to realize that with time, the initial concerns will be alleviated and we’ll be able to sit back and enjoy the journey (as we stumble across new challenges!). But until then, we need to respect the process and allow ourselves to feel all the uncomfortable feelings so that we can reach a place of stability that we have truly earned.

This is an invaluable lesson to teach our children- and like with all things- we can do that best by example. When a challenge presents itself it’s important that we face it head-on, as difficult as it may be. When we do that, we are strengthening our muscles for any future challenges we will need to overcome. If we choose to avoid reality, we are only delaying the inevitable.

And so, to all the girls and boys, and moms and dads who are embracing both the excitement and the worries that accompany the new school year, you can do it and you will succeed!

​A personal appeal from a native Houstonian.

I was born and raised in Houston. My old neighborhood – Meyerland – is one of the numerous epicenters of the catastrophic flooding resulting from Hurricane Harvey.Like many Americans and people across the globe, I have followed the news out of Houston for the last 11 days online and on television. I have also seen Facebook accounts of [...]

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National Watermelon Day is on August 3rd and at this very moment, I’m still deliberating if it’s a day that should be celebrated. And I’ll tell you why: because I have a love/hate relationship with watermelon. Not because I’m flaky mind you, but because watermelon can be so unpredictable! Sometimes I think it’s the best fruit ever created- it’s sweet [...]

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Just a few short months ago, July seemed to be ages away. But you know what I’ve discovered? If you stop counting and watching and waiting, time actually passes quite quickly. It’s like what happens when you walk away from the kettle and just let it boil. It’s amazing how things can actually happen even when we stop watching. [...]

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​An Ode to Dads

As a society, we spend a lot of time discussing the value of mothers and their importance in a child’s life. And rightfully so! But some interpret that to mean that a father can take a back seat and doesn’t need to be as involved in parenting- because well, Mom is there! And while it’s true that Mom is [...]

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Summer is almost here and that means that we can finally start the countdown. I mean, I spend all year waiting for this season (as you already know)! But first, there are some exciting days approaching at the end of this month that deserve a mention.Saturday May 27th is Sun Screen Day! Now that we’re heading into summer, there’s [...]

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So Mother’s Day is upon us and it’s definitely a cause for celebration. Being a Mom is unfortunately underrated. Somehow it seems that the women who are rushing to work and pursuing a career are acknowledged for what they do because they are juggling so many responsibilities (and rightly so!). But the stay at home Moms? Eh. But I’ve [...]

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There is no doubt about it, spring has certainly arrived. If you haven’t been outdoors yet, let me tell you that it’s worth the trip! Flowers are blooming, the trees are green, the sun is out and the air is warm. Spring is all about rebirth and renewal which is reflected in the growth of [...]

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Did you also spend slumber parties as a kid making prank calls? My memories are of a group of us huddled around the phone while one of us bravely picks a number in the phonebook, and starts hyperventilating while dialing the number. We all wait with bated breath. Someone answers the call on the other end of the line [...]

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I used to find myself looking around to see what everyone else was doing. I didn’t want to laugh too loudly if nobody else thought it was funny, I made sure not to wear white after Labor Day, and I even stopped eating my favorite foods in case it would offend the person sitting next to me. Ok, not [...]

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