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An Annoying Anniversary

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The first computer bug was actually just that -- a bug!

Computer bugs are really annoying!

When one of my devices experiences a glitch, I can quickly become agitated. Forgetting about the innumerable ways that computers and phones have eased our lives, I start reminiscing about "the good old days" when no bugs existed.

I have just learned, however, that even in the low tech world of yesteryear bugs existed! In fact, 73 years ago on September 9, 1947, the first ever computer bug was identified by researchers at Harvard who were trying to figure out why their computer, the Mark II, was not operating correctly. When they began looking at the computer's innards, they found a BUG -- literally! A moth, attracted by light or future infamy, had parked himself amid the electronics, disrupting the currents. With that, this little lepidopteran became the “first actual case of bug being found,” as a team member wrote in their notes.

The moral of the story?

Bugs exist in our imperfect world. Our job is to try to de-bug life as much as possible, moving towards (an unattainable) perfection. Get $10 off all National Geographic 1000 Piece Puzzles, including the "100 species of butterflies" puzzle that celebrates all lepidoptera. Use coupon code: BUG20 through September 2020.

What's the Most Popular Date for Birthdays?

Over the past six months we've heard a LOT about the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, or CDC for short.It turns out that -- aside from tracking instances of COVID-19 -- the CDC also tracks birth rates by month. And, according to the CDC August is the most popular month for birthdays! How hot [...]

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Puzzled? You're Not Alone!

There's a season for everything and this is most certainly the season for politics.As if politics doesn't already dominate the news, there's back to back Party Conventions, with the Democratic National Convention this week followed by the Republican National Convention next week (followed by a couple of months of even MORE politics as the election [...]

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Buying Used Cars

Now deep into summer during a year that most of us would probably like to forget, let's talk about something else that you'd probably prefer NOT to be reminded of -- the process of buying a used car.  Everyone knows that purchasing a brand new car entails none of the gut wrenching decisions that buying a [...]

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Summer? It's Here!

After months of lockdowns, new normals and incessant blah blah about the word that starts with "C," its time break out and start thinking about the the real "SEA" because summer is here!Over the long weekend, multitudes hit the beaches, lakefronts, shorelines and any area that would provide a little outdoorsy respite from the confines [...]

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The Last Dance & Shot

Own a Piece of Sports HistoryESPN's 10-part documentary series "The Last Dance" couldn't have come at a better time. Denied most of the NBA season -- not to mention March Madness -- due to the corona crisis, basketball fans were at a loss. But at least over the past month, The Last Dance has allowed [...]

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Celebrate LIFE. Here's How!

Ever Hear of "Gordo" Cooper?Gordon "Gordo" Cooper Jr. made history when on May 15, 1963 he was launched into space. Cooper spent 34 hours in space, orbiting the Earth 22 times. He became the first American to spend an entire day in space, the first to sleep in space, and the last American launched on [...]

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When & Where Baseball Season Will Start

The 2020 Major League Baseball season was to start on March 26th. But then, like with so many other planned events large and small, Corona came and ruined the party. When will it start? No one knows just yet, but that question will be influenced by how and where the games will be playedThe MLB [...]

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Here's How Humanity Hangs On

Puzzles are keeping millions of people busy these days, and helping them hang on and even have some fun too!And you? Are you up for a 1000-piece puzzle from National Geographic's legendary "Photo Ark" collection? The Photo Ark collection of photos by Joel Sartore documents animals before they become extinct. Now you can gaze in [...]

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Just Keep Swimming!

Finding Nemo featured Dory the Fish. Dory's "cluelessness" is her strength. She simply ignored the externalities and taught Nemo, and the world, a great lesson:Just Keep Swimming!That appears to be our collective job in this new normal. Keep going, keep positive, keep an active body, and mind! Here's a couple of ideas that can help...Activity [...]

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