Take a Stand For LIFE!

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There are moments in history in which everyone needs to make a decision where they stand on an issue. For years, many of us have tried to avoid "taking sides" privately or publicly because of the possible ramifications, personally or professionally.

However, after the unspeakable attacks of Hamas on Israel that mirrored those committed during the darkest hours of World War II by the Nazis, we all must make a choice: Do we stand with LIFE and ISRAEL or Hamas and those that celebrate DEATH? 

It should be a simple choice, but we have already seen pro-Hamas demonstrations take place in the US and around the world in which they celebrated the massacre and kidnapping of innocents. While Hamas sympathizers and supports are morally lost causes, we can concentrate on educating ourselves and other people that might be uninformed or confused about the history of Israel.

Here is what you can learn about/teach others using primary sources:

1) The remarkable and miraculous return of the Jewish People to the Land of Israel, as prophesized thousands of years ago (just open a Bible to read them). The New York Times of May 15 1948 itself speaks of Israel as "the first Hebrew nation in 2000 years."
2) The wars that Israel has had to wage and the countless challenges that it has overcome since the declaration of the State of Israel in 1948 on through this very day. From major [https://anydate.com/life-magazine-special-edition-israels-swift-victory-1967-six-day-war.html), to horrific terror attacks. Last Saturday, on the Jewish Sabbath and a Holiday, Hamas surprised launched an existential war through terror, atrocities, massacres, and kidnappings, which Israel will surely avenge.
3) The history of Israel over the years - from the ancient wonders uncovered in Jerusalem from King David's time, on through the Jewish pioneers who returned to the Holy Landwhile it was ruled by the British, up until the present day.

We all have a part to play!
First, we must choose LIFE over those that celebrate death.
Second, we must place ourselves FIRMLY ON THE SIDE OF HUMANITY and stand with Israel.
Finally, we must reject those that sympathize with or support Hamas and their horrific, inhumane, unfathomable acts.

Here's to better times for Israel and the civilized world.