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State of Israel is Born Historic Newspaper

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    The Israel is Born Historic Newspaper is filled with dramatic New York Times coverage of the establishment of the State of Israel on May 14, 1948.

    Historian Dr. Michael B. Oren who served as Ambassador of Israel to the United States, said "This newspaper is an incredible piece of history, and serves an important resource in documenting our history."

    The remarkable 16-page reprint includes numerous articles and photographs of events surrounding Israel's establishment and the subsequent outbreak of what would later be known as Israel's War of Independence.
    With over 30,000 copies sold in the United States and Israel in just the last few years and thousands distributed to tourists in Israel annually, The State of Israel is Born Historic Newspaper is probably one of the most popular reprints of the New York Times ever produced!  Own a piece of history, relive the birth of the Jewish state in its historic land and experience the miracle of Israel's survival. This papers is especially relevant for Israel at 75 celebrations.

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