Real & Retro - College Dorm Décor

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College is now in full swing on most campuses around the country. What's needed now is for students to get situated in their classes, adjust to away from home, catch up with friends, and put their unique person touch on their dorm or apartment décor. 

You can help them out by gifting them something rtro and real such as a framed original ad or image from LIFE Magazine. 

For example, the iconic VW Bus ad pictured here, or ads for cool cars or beer and Coke.

Old school icons are even more impressive. For example, authentic feature photos of historical cultural figures and rock stars that appeared in LIFE Magazine such as MLK, Mick Jagger The Beatles, Frank Zappa, Jimi Hendrix and The Doors, among others. 

These are the original pages extracted from LIFE and professionally framed! Get $15 off with code "College" through September 30 2023.