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Holocaust Newspaper

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    The Holocaust Newspaper is a full-size, newspaper format, commemorative edition, including 15 historical pages from the years 1933-1946 and covers Holocaust related events. It's an important educational tool for today's world because it is compiled of newspaper pages from the onset of World War Two to the end including the Nuremberg Trials with death sentences to the Nazi Leaders.

    The Holocaust Newspaper takes you through the darkest pages of history. It chronicles Hitler's rise as Chancellor of Germany, the 'Kristallnacht' pogrom in which 1000 synagogues were destroyed, the Nazis violent takeover of Europe and the implementation their infamous "Final Solution."

    This historic newspaper presents the news as events took place and when the outcome of the war was still unsure. The Holocaust Newspaper is therefore a unique document on the persecution and genocide on the Jewish people. At the same time, it tells amazing stories of their resistance and the liberation of the concentration camps.

    This remarkable and important piece of history is sold in Israel's Yad Vashem Holocaust Remembrance Museum, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and in numerous Holocaust museums in cities throughout America.

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