D-Day Newspaper

D-Day Newspaper

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    This D-Day Newspaper covers the events of June 6, 1944 -- the first day of the allied invasion of Normandy in order to liberate the European mainland from the Nazi occupation. This D-Day Newspaper reprint -- which includes 14 pages of history-packed coverage -- makes an amazing keepsake documenting the largest amphibious invasion of all time with over 160,000 troops landing on the beaches of Normandy.

    We also offer the front page of this newspaper in a professionally framed format.

    The D-Day Newspaper makes a very special gift for anybody who is interested in American history and especially World War II. With dramatic coverage of a key moment in modern warfare, it enables you to experience the events the way people did when the outcome of the World War was still uncertain. Through this special paper you will learn more about the incredible efforts and sacrifices of Europe's liberators.

    Also available is our special set of four reprint newspapers covering the key events of World War II.

    This is a full-sized newspaper which includes 14 pages; dimensions are 22.8" x 16.9"

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