Framed New York Times Front Page

Framed Newspaper

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    officialproduct.pngA Framed Newspaper front page from either The New York Times, The Washington Post or Los Angeles Times keeps a special day fresh in your memory!  A framed newspaper front page from any date you desire will look great hanging in your home or office. Whenever you or others pass by it, you'll be reminded of that special day -- a birthday, anniversary or milestone -- again and again! 

    The framed newspaper is individually created upon order using a high-quality mono recreation of the original front page of The New York Times, LA Times or The Washington Post. The front page of your desired day is reproduced to near full size -- the NY Times measures 12"x 18" and framed measures 14" x 20"; The Washington Post & LA Times front pages measure 12" x 16" and just over 13.5" x 17.5" when framed.  Once printed, the front page is then carefully arranged in a handsome frame behind shatterproof plexiglass. At present, only the contemporary black frame style is available.  

    The framed newspaper front page is not only a great looking addition to your art and wall hangings, but it will also serve as a great conversation piece as well!

    Please allow up to 7 working days for individual print production and framing of your front page in addition to shipping time.
    Shipped by either: fedex.pngups.png

    Due to the famous NY Newspaper Strike, NYTimes newspapers and products are NOT available for the following dates: December 8, 1962 -- March 31, 1963. If you are seeking a paper from this date range, please select a Washington Post or LA Times newspaper instead.

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