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Amelia Earhart Newspaper Historic Coverage

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    The Amelia Earhart Newspaper Historic Coverage is a complete reprint of the July 5, 1937, edition of the Chicago Herald Examiner. It’s a great commemorative document on Amelia Earhart, the first female aviator to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean. Read how this 40 year old American aviation pioneer was lost over the central Pacific Ocean in her attempt to make a circumnavigational flight around the globe.
    Through the Amelia Earhart Newspaper Historic Coverage, discover the fascination with Earhart's short life, her career as a pilot and author, and why the mysteries of her disappearance continue to this day. She is still an inspiration to many, as she set many records, wrote bestsellers about her flight experiences, and she was of great significance in the formation of, an organization for female pilots, known as, “The Ninety-Nines.”
    This great gift has tremendous historical and educational value. A must have for aviation history fans!
    The Amelia Earhart Newspaper Historic Coverage comes to you in a crystal-clear, acid-free envelope to protect your keepsake.

    This is a full sized newspaper- dimensions are 22.8" x 16.9". 

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