Air & Space Travel Historic Newspaper Set

Air & Space Travel Historic Newspaper Set

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    The Air & Space Travel Historic Newspaper Set includes complete newspaper reprints that cover the following four major events:

    • Charles Lindbergh's Historic Non-Stop, 33 and a half hour, Trans-Atlantic, flight with the "Spirit of St. Louis", from Roosevelt Field on May 20 1927, to Le Bourget Airport the following day.
    • Amelia Earhart, the noted American aviatrix, pioneer and author, was lost in a flight around the world on July 2, 1937.
    • John Glenn was the first American to orbit the Earth, aboard the "Friendship 7" on February 20, 1962; he was circling the globe three times during a flight that lasted close to five hours.
    • The "small step for man, one giant leap for mankind". On July 21, Neil Armstrong became the man to walk on the Moon during the Apollo 11 mission.

    The Air & Space Travel Historic Newspaper Set presents the news as it was written, directly after these memorable and historic events took place. The Air & Space Travel Historic Newspaper Set makes a wonderful educational resource and is a must have for history buffs.

    These are full sized newspapers- dimensions are 22.8" x 16.9".

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