John Dillinger Historic Newspaper

John Dillinger Historic Newspaper

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    The John Dillinger Historic Newspaper marks the end of the daring career of this bank robbing and prison escaping charismatic convict. The July 24, 1934 edition of the Chicago Herald Examiner is digitally reprinted and delivered to you in its entirety (26 pages). The paper describes Dillinger's demise as 'Public enemy No. 1 Pays his Debt', and gives first hand accounts in numerous articles regarding his gang, family, girlfriends and finally his death.

    This event marks the first major victory for a newly formed F.B.I. in its fight against depression era organized crime. The editorial page publishes a claim of victory: 'Lawbreakers Take Warning: The Government Always Gets Its Man!'

    Don't miss out on this great piece of history which will take you back to the original cops and robbers story!

    This is a full sized newspaper- dimensions are 22.8" x 16.9".

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