Dallas Morning News Birthday Newspaper

Dallas Morning News Birthday Newspaper

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    The Dallas Morning News Birthday Newspaper makes a great personalized gift for anyone from the great State of Texas...or the Southwest! This item includes digitally reproduced front pages from each and every one of the recipient's birthdays, all from the historic archives of The Dallas Morning News. What's really cool is that you or the recipient can use the reverse of each front page to add special mementos and photographs making this a keepsake like no other!

    Beautifully bound in an emerald green leatherette hardcover, The Dallas Morning News Birthday Newspaper is features the famous "The Dallas Morning News" masthead gold-embossed on the cover along with the words "Relive Those Special Moments as Reported at the Time" and "Commemorative Edition." The recipientÂ’'s name can also be gold-embossed on the cover as well and you can customize the gift even further with a personal message that is printed on a label on the book's title page.

    If you want to go premium, you can select our handsome black cover made of genuine leather, but with either cover, you can't go wrong! 

    Since the Dallas Morning News Birthday Newspaper contains the front pages from the birthdays of each year of the recipient's life, the number of pages in the newpaper book will be determined by the age of the recipient. The size of the Dallas Morning News Birthday Newspaper book is 12 1/4" x 15", making for easy browsing.

    Despite the name, the Dallas Morning News Birthday Newspaper is not just for birthdays! It is also perfect as an anniversary gift, so the special couple knows what happened on their wedding day and anniversaries throughout the year -- because hopefully they were too busy celebrating to read the paper on those special days!   

    Please note: The front page from the recipient's most recent birthday will only be included if the order is made 60 days after the date has passed, as this is when recent papers enter the digital archive.

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