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New York Times Birthday Newspaper

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    The New York Times Birthday Newspaper is the perfect birthday gift! What is it? It's the full, original NY Times newspaper from the recipient's birth date. You can personalize the gift by including a special message for the recipient on the paper's Certificate of Authenticity! The New York Times Birthday Newspaper makes a perfect holiday gift and you can rest assured that this unique gift will bring joy to the recipient's life -- just check out the reviews!  

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    Due to the New York newspaper strike that took place from December 8, 1962 through March 31, 1963, NYTimes newspapers are unavailable for those dates. Note about Sunday Editions: Like papers from all other days of the week, a Sunday edition newspaper will include the major news sections of that day. However, a Sunday edition of the NYT may not include advertising, comics and/or magazine inserts as they are often unavailable.

    green-tick-40px.png Exact Match Guarantee - When an exact match for a newspaper is unavailable, we'll let you know which papers we do have for the date. If you're not pleased with the options, we'll refund you - no questions asked!

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