Antique Automobile Stamp Collection

Antique Automobile Stamp Collection

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    Our Antique Automobile Stamp Collection is a stunning 6 x 4 black vinyl portfolio that features five commemorative stamps that display rare cares from the 20's and 30's.

    The stamps featured in the Antique Automobile Stamp Collection include; the 1928 Locomobile considered itself the "best built car in America." The Locomobile company hired racecar driver Andrew Riker to design their version of the gasoline-powered automobile. The 1929 Pierce Arrow had the new eight-cylinder engine and top-of-the line styling. Auburn Automobile manufactured the 1931 Cord. Cord was known for their streamlined and innovative designs. The 1932 Packard is the featured auto in the 1988 classic car commemorative stamp series. The fifth and last car in the 1988 stamp series was the 1935 Duesenberg. Founded by brothers August and Frederick Duesenberg the company was known for luxury and speed.

    This Antique Automobile Stamp Collection makes an excellent gift for all those who love vintage cars or love the history of the automobile industry.

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