The Ultimate Birthday Book

The Ultimate Newspaper Book

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    The Ultimate Newspaper Book is the gift for the person who has it all. This premium leather-bound Washington Post contains all the news that was fit to print surrounding one special date in history. Whether it is a milestone birthday or special anniversary, this gold-embossed deluxe editon is perfect. The Ultimate Newspaper Book contains both a set of digital recreated front pages from a special day in history and then every year thereafter -- as well as a complete newspaper reproduction from the selected date! There is no other gift that provides the recipient such a comprehensive look into the key events that occurred on "their day" over the course of their life. With front pages from each and every year, and a complete newspaper from the selected date, you can't go wrong!

    We pull out all the stops when it comes to personalizing The Ultimate Newspaper Book!  Aside from adding a personalized message to the recipient that is printed on a label on the book’s title page, his or her name can be embossed in gold lettering on the cover. In addition, the reverse side of the front pages include the text "Remember When" and space is available for the recipient (or you) to add photos, memorabilia and other related mementos corresponding to each year. The Ultimate Newspaper Book measures 12 ½ x 15 inches for ease of handling.

    Note: The front page from the current year will only be included if the order is made 60 days after the date has passed, as this is when recent papers enter the digital archive.

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