Stuffers, the Icing on the Cake

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A few years back when my son was very young and about to have a birthday, he received a greeting card in the mail from his grandparents. He was so excited about getting the card because he didn't realize that in a couple days he'd get some actual gifts. It was such a sweet moment to witness -- someone happy with a small token of being loved -- that we almost didn't want to spoil him by actually giving him gifts. But alas, we were weak, and gifts were given nonetheless.

But isn't that what stocking stuffers are all about? Sure, there are more significant gifts in the vicinity, but the stuffings in the stockings -- that's where the good stuff is -- the items that you appreciate, even though they may not be the "real" gift.

During this last online shopping weekend of this holiday season, we're happy to offer up a few ideas for these, the best and most fun, of gifts!

Man Cave Six Pack-min2Historic Newspaper Stocking Stuffers

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Mad Magazine

Classic Magazines Stocking Stuffers

What's cooler that flipping through an original LIFE Magazine from the 1970's and re-living past moments through beautiful and iconic images? We offer the a wide variety or classic American magazines -- from the high-browed New Yorker and Atlantic, to the utterly non-PC Mad Magazine and the fact-laden National Enquirer. Mom will love a copy of Southern Living from her special day and as will a sports fan Sports Illustrated -- and throw in a Swimsuit issue for good measure ;P . Go now.

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Personalized Newspaper Front Page 65257.1425809039.600.600

Printable Stocking Stuffers

For the truly last minute shopper, we offer the Personalized Newspaper Front Page that is delivered by email and printed at home! It's filled with fun facts about the recipient's b-day, and sure to add to your celebration. Want more in-depth information about a person's birthday? Try the What Happened on My Birthday Personalized Report which includes a TON of info on a bundle of pages.
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