The New Yorker - Original Editions from AnyDate

The New Yorker - Original Editions from AnyDate

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    The New Yorker magazine has something for everyone. With a wealth of articles and commentaries on current events, opinion, culture, fiction, poetry, book reviews and cartoons- not to mention all the goings on in New York, The New Yorker - Original Editions from AnyDate provides for a very satisfying and timeless read. Featuring illustrated covers that reflect on current politics or cultural life, The New Yorker is not afraid to share strong opinions which inspires conversation among its readers. Not surprisingly, the magazine also has a large readership outside New York as well as internationally. 

    Imagine how happy an avid reader of the New Yorker -- or any friend or family member -- would be if they received an original edition of the New Yorker from their date of birth! Talk about a fun and fascinating flashback!  

    Our The New Yorker - Original Editions from AnyDate are sourced from those in the best condition available on the market. You'll receive the complete magazine delivered shrink-wrapped for protection and with a sturdy cardboard stiffener included to prevent bends. Note that as originals, magazines will include a mailing label which only adds to its authenticity.

    When ordering, we request a specific date that you would like to commemorate. We’ll strive to fulfill the order with a magazine published a few days prior to, or a few days after, the desired date. 

    Note about pricing: Some years may be priced differently due to limitations in circulation and/or limits in stock. Specific key collector editions are not included in the inventory and can be priced separately if desired. All items are subject to availability - each magazine is limited in quantity and the inventory changes constantly.


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