Man Cave Essentials: 6-Pack of Historic Newspapers

Man Cave Essentials - 6 Pack of Historical Newspapers

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    Our Man Cave Essentials - 6 Pack of Historical Newspapers consists of 6 of our bestselling historical reprints that are essential for any man cave.  Each of these newspapers includes tons of coverage of each event and can be read from cover to cover. What's more, these iconic headlines are perfect for framing so the "man" can impress all that enter the "cave."  
    We've chosen the best and are offering them at an attractive price to boot. Here's what you get:  

    1. Prohibition Ends - No man cave is complete without this paper covering the much celebrated end of that dry, dry period in American history when alcohol was illegal. I'll drink to that!
    2. Bonnie & Clyde -  Those infamous bank robbers and outlaws, Bonnie and Clyde, met their bloody end at the hands of Louisiana law officers who ambushed them, ending years of murder and mayhem. NOTE: The Dallas Morning News masthead is smudged in this reprint, yet these are the only copies available at present and the paper can be read without difficulty.  
    3. The Titanic Sinks - This ain't the movie, but the real deal. Coverage from the sinking of the unsinkable ship. 
    4. JFK Assassinated - The event that shocked the USA and the entire world, and ushered in a new era in American history.
    5. D-Day Newspaper - "Beachheads Established" - Coverage from June 6, 1944 about the allied invasion of Normandy in order to liberate Europe and end WWII.
    6. Man on the Moon - Rounding out the six-pack is the achievement that was and remains a source of pride and wonder for Americans of all ages. Own it now! 

    In all, there is nearly 90 pages of historic coverage among these papers (but don't make him read it all).

    You know the man who needs this, so go ahead and add it to your cart. We can guarantee one thing -- this six-pack will last get more conversations going that a crate of beer!

    These are full sized newspapers -the dimensions are 22.8"x 16.9".

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