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I used to find myself looking around to see what everyone else was doing. I didn’t want to laugh too loudly if nobody else thought it was funny, I made sure not to wear white after Labor Day, and I even stopped eating my favorite foods in case it would offend the person sitting next to me. Ok, not really but you get my point.

Well things have changed. At some point we tend to give up on the peer pressure and just start living life. (As a side note, I completely recommend it to anyone who’s still on the fence about the idea). Why am I saying this? Because I have decided to start counting down the days to Spring and I apologize in advance if that bothers anyone.

Some of you are thinking come on, just enjoy the rest of winter! Others may be completely ambivalent about the subject. And I can imagine that some of you want to tell me that I am utterly crazy to want this winter to end (yes I’m open-minded enough to realize that some humans like the cold). But here’s the thing: I am counting down whether you agree with me or not. And I’ll tell you why. I do hate sneezing when allergies get me and I’m not crazy about spring cleaning (refer to last year’s post if you can’t remember), but I will do (almost) anything to get to sit outside and get some vitamin D at last. Just to be outdoors without shivering while wearing my down-filled jacket and fox fur hood (which covers most of my face by the way). So I’ll be counting- and you are welcome to count along!

In the meantime, I’ll do whatever I can to get time to move faster. I will finally take care of the many things I’ve been procrastinating about and neglecting all winter long because once the weather warms up I certainly won’t want to be stuck indoors! So it’s time to sort through the piles of paperwork that need attention, organize the clothing closets that have become a royal mess, get my kitchen in order so I can finally find what I’m looking for, and maybe even start to dust the ceiling fans!

Hey, this is starting to sound a lot like spring cleaning, which- if you ask me- sounds like a genius tactic to bring in spring early this year. I know you want to tell me that Spring only starts on March 20th, and I understand that my approach can therefore seem blasphemous to some- but as you know by now- that won’t stop me. Tomorrow promises to be a very busy day, so I’m off to an early night!