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I love spring. Who doesn’t? The flowers are blossoming, the sun is shining, the weather is just right and we can finally put away our coats and gloves. What is it about the hum of a lawnmower that somehow motivates everyone to get active and be productive after hibernating all winter long? I have no idea, but I do know that good vibes are everywhere. Except when someone asks me if I started spring cleaning. Then I start sneezing because I get the worst allergies in spring (and incidentally, they get worse when you ask me about cleaning).

So I love spring, but I don’t love spring cleaning or spring allergies. I don’t love itchy watery eyes and a runny nose and sneezing all day long while I’m washing my windows. The combination is really no fun. (Try it, you’ll see why). So for the most part, I try to keep away from spring cleaning as much as possible. I clean all the time anyways so I don’t think it’s a terribly big deal. Believe it or not, I clean in the fall, I clean in the summer and also, wait for it- I clean in the winter! Yep so I really don’t need a special season for cleaning. So when someone asks me if I started spring cleaning, it just gets me wondering what this person does the rest of the year. If the seasons need to change to get you cleaning, then I don’t want to come over for a visit in the fall. I really don’t.

And for those of you lucky ones who also suffer from allergies, you must know that feeling of watching everyone outdoors admiring the budding flowers while you can barely take two steps without a tissue plugged in your nose.

Oh the joys of spring! It’s a love-hate relationship most of the time. But such is life. For every yin there is a yang and when we roll with the punches, we can enjoy every experience in a more complete and balanced way. When we grow from our challenges- instead of fight them- we can appreciate the reward. So this spring, I will do my best to embrace the challenge. Because like in every season, the floor needs to be cleaned even if I have a runny nose.

Happy spring (cleaning)!