The History of Israel from the NY Time

The History of Israel from the NY Times

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    The History of Israel from the NY Times is our exclusive collection of New York Times  newspaper front pages and articles chronicling major events and extraordinary moments in Israel’s history from 1897 through the present. 

    Dr. Michael B. Oren, Ambassador of Israel to the United States called The History of Israel from the NY Times “a phenomenal approach to preserving Israel’s history.”  That’s because it covers the most dramatic moments in Israeli history, including the following events:

    • The Plan to Convene the Zionist Congress in 1897
    • Britain’s Balfour Declaration
    • The Dramatic UN Vote on the Partition Plan
    • Israel’s Establishment and the Independence War
    • The Suez Canal Crisis
    • Adolph Eichmann’s Capture and Trial
    • Israel’s Miraculous Victory in the Six Day War.
    • The Munich Olympic Massacre
    • Egypt’s Surprise Attack and the Yom Kippur War
    • Israel’s Daring Raid on Entebbe & Rescue of Israeli Hostages
    • Sadat’s Historic Visit to Jerusalem
    • Natan Sharansky’s Release & Hero’s Welcome in Israel
    • The Camp David Peace Accords Between Egypt & Israel
    • The Destruction of Iraq’s Nuclear Reactor
    • Israel’s First Lebanon War
    • Iraqi Scud Missile Attacks on Tel Aviv
    • Israel’s Astonishing Airlift of Ethiopian Jewry
    • The Signing of the Oslo Accords at the White House
    • Peace between Israel & Jordan
    • Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin’s Assassination
    • The Outbreak of the Second Intifada
    • Palestinian Suicide Terror Attacks
    • President Bush’s Roadmap to Peace Plan
    • Israel’s Disengagement from Gaza
    • Hezbollah’s Surprise Assault & the Second Lebanon War
    • Israel’s Attack on Hamas in Gaza
    • Prime Minister Netanyahu in Washington D.C. & at the U.N.
    • Gilad Shalit's Release from Captivity

    The History of Israel from the NY Times is a must for anyone who loves Israel, history or both!

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