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Marvel's Infinity Saga Collection Storybook

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    Imagine having more than a decade of Marvel's best movie story lines in one personalized and beautifully bound volume! That's what you can get with Marvel's Infinity Saga Collection Storybook which celebrates the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) in chronological order. That’s 22 films over 11 years packed into this book of 188 pages!

    Read the full background of how the Avengers were assembled, and all happened since gathered by Nick Fury. Read about the infinity stones and how they came to be in the possession of the terrifying Thanos.

    Each double page is dedicated to the recipient at the top, and a personal message can be printed on the opening page of your premium book. 

    There are two editions of the Marvel's Infinity Saga Collection Storybook. Choose from the Classic 11 x 8 inch sized edition that comes with a cream gift box or go for the super hero sized 15 x 11.5 inch Premium edition which comes with a large jet black gift box.  The hardcover books have the Avengers logo emblazoned on the cover along with the recipient’s name. 

    In terms of personalization, the recipient's name is printed at the top of the pages and on the book's title page along with your personal message. Be a super hero to a kid you know -- order your Marvel's Infinity Saga Collection Storybook now! 

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