Valentine's Day

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Valentine’s Day is a good reminder that love is a vital and life-affirming part of our existence. When we acknowledge this, we inevitably realize that one day a year of celebrating love is certainly not enough. if every day is Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day deserves that same sentiment.

How can we infuse our relationships, our homes and our lives with more love? If we consider the factors that make us feel loved, it almost always begins with being noticed, heard, and acknowledged. In 2020 this can be translated as a ‘device- free’ existence. If we are constantly distracted by our phones, so that every conversation, every encounter, and every ‘bid for attention’ takes second place, what message are we sending our loved ones?

In order to bring our relationships to the forefront, to give and receive in a way that is truly validating, it is time that we show up and let the people in our lives know that they take center stage. Put down your phone and look at the person who is talking to you. Really look. Pay attention. Let them know that they matter to you and that their voice deserves to be heard. Habits are hard to break, but the rewards are always undeniably great.

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