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We are lucky to live in a beautiful world, and yet, many of us have never seen much of it. With technology today, we imagine that we are ‘getting around’ because we have so much digital access; when in reality, we hardly move. Most of us are spending too much time behind a desk for many hours a day, and we barely get around the block, let alone the city we live in, or beyond.

Like watching a great movie- when we scroll through social media- we get a glimpse of many beautiful places (that others are visiting!) and we can be fooled into thinking that we are experiencing something real. If we stop for a moment to observe ourselves, we will find that we are stuck in one place, watching others accomplish, travel, learn and advance. That’s not a great place to be.

Summer is the perfect opportunity to explore the world in real-time. To get out of our comfort zones and feel alive in an ever-changing world that is filled with beauty and wonder. Pick the place you’ve been dreaming of (or reading about on the internet), find a travel buddy, and start planning!

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