The Bumpy Launch of Space X Month II

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Decades ago, I came across the PERFECT birthday greeting card. It read:

I have a foolproof way of remembering your birthday! Two days after it passes, I slap my forehead and say: Oh BLEEP!

Apparently this also applies to the new celebration we invented just one year ago: Space Exploration Month, or Space X Month. It was supposed to start on June 20th, but per the birthday greeting card, I remembered it a bit later!

Space X Month starts on the summer solstice (June 20) and runs through July 20, the anniversary of the lunar landing! How cool is that?

During Space X Month take some time to look up at the stars, back at the stellar achievements of space exploration, and forward to the advances in the industry that are taking place at warp speed.

To get in the mood for the second year of our newly minted (but inadvertently shortened) month of celebrations, we are offering $10 off our new and expanded space collection which includes original National Geographic and LIFE Magazines along with other great items.

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PS - Speaking of birthdays: Happy Birthday USA!!!