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Goodbye to Summer

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I don’t exactly want to face reality these days. The morning chill tells me to stay in bed, keep the duvet on and not to move. And I don’t. Because if it’s dark and cold and I even hear the slightest bit of rain, I ain’t going nowhere.

But there’s no stopping the seasons. What is it about them? They keep doing their job no matter what. They don’t take a day off, ever. If snow is predicted, it snows. If there’s a need for some rain, you better put on your raincoat and grab that umbrella on your way out. The weather keeps doing its thing. It doesn’t really notice you standing on the side with your arms folded and your wagging finger. I can learn a lot from the weather, I tell you: Don’t get distracted and don’t be intimidated by the critics. Just keep doing what you’re doing.

I suspect that you too prefer the summer, hey? There’s a freedom about summer that no other season offers. You can just wear whatever, and go wherever and it feels great! On the other hand, when it’s cold and windy, raining or snowing (or just cold) there’s the layering, the boots, the coat, gloves, scarf and umbrella. Did I miss anything? Oh yes and the hat! The hat that never fails to make my hair static. You can never look decent when you take off the hat. And then (in case you still aren’t convinced), don’t forget about the colds, runny noses, sneezing, coughing and the list goes on.

If I had to find something good to say about winter, I’d say it gets dark earlier. To me that means we can shut down the house earlier. Less playing, less noise, less day to deal with (does that sound positive? Ha). I’m probably not the first person who ever said to the kids “it’s sooo late already- look how dark it is?!” So until they learn to tell the time, that means they (sometimes) get to bed earlier. What can be bad about that? Don’t even think of berating me.

Look, this is the reality. Days are getting shorter, it will get dark earlier, it will be cold, it will rain, it will snow. The wind will blow your umbrella inside out and far away. There will be colds everywhere, dirty tissues, wet boots, dripping coats and umbrellas. But we will get through it. We will go to work, rush to school, to the store. We will buy groceries and tissues and more tissues. We will cook soup and bake cookies and keep eating to stay warm. We will put on layers and keep the heat on and still be cold. We will spend hours looking for indoor activities for our kids because the swings at the park are always wet. We will wait all day for the sun to shine, but whenever we look up at the sky we will only see clouds. We will dream of the warmth of summer, the heat, the humidity…

Because the winter is just doing its job- and I can’t let it stop me from doing mine.