Summer's Kid Conundrum

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Still a kid at heart, I very much look forward to the summer all year long. I like the heat, and the absence of coldness, of which I am not very fond. But when the summer months actually roll around, my wife and I oftentimes find ourselves a bit overwhelmed with the sheer amount of time that the kids have at their disposal. Two full months. Wow.

So the question becomes-- what are we possibly going to do with them for all that time?? Of course there is the requisite and fun vacation of 2-3 weeks. But that leaves over a month still...and who wants to break the bank by sending kids to sleep-away camp. Even joining the local pool doesn't solve all the problems because we don't want the kids to have THAT much fun ;>)

This summer we have decided the day camp will happen at home. So we dutifully outlined the days we needed to fill and then brainstormed for quite a while (over some wine!) about all sorts of ideas that the city and surroundings could offer. We then created a basic schedule for each day and then carefully began to plug in the events and ideas.

The result (we hope) will be a fun filled summer where our youngest boys, 10 and 11, will both enjoy themselves and form lifetime memories of spending quality time with mom and dad.

Here's a short list of some of the activities that we have planned:

  • Short hikes
  • Visiting local swimming holes (not pools!)
  • Making crates and signs for the kids rooms from old wooden pallets
  • Art projects, using real canvases purchased from the art supply store
  • Water fights
  • Short sport tournaments - ping-pong, basketball, running and bike races, etc
  • Speed gaming - intensivive episodes of playing games (cards, board games), but not for more than 20 minutes!
  • Go to the museums
  • Teach them how to bake and cook

I am sure I am missing some items, and I am sure this list pales in comparison to some more "planful" parents, but it's the best we could do over a glass of chilled white wine!

Enjoy the summer!