Nothing is More Terrifying (Than Getting it Wrong)

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Around this time last year, we wrote the following in a blog:

Stock Market Crash

"Today, as the stock market enjoys an ongoing rally, we have to wonder where we are heading. Should we agree with the optimists who see peak after peak or the pessimists who warn of sheer cliffs?"

At present, the answer is pretty clear: The pessimists were right! We can only hope to add: Hopefully not for too long!

Ironic -- and fittingly for Halloween, scary -- that the current sever stock slides should be happening in and around the 93rd anniversary of the big stock market crash of October 1929. To cheer us up, were offering this paper and other historic reprints at a discount - see below.

Stock Market Crash Newspaper

This reprint is the perfect piece of history, for all the facts from 1929.

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