National What Week?!

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You may not have noticed, but it has already arrived! The 80th annual National Newspaper Week started Sunday and continues until Saturday October 10th -- a date that will be celebrated as "Newspaper Carrier Day!" What a week!

Each year National Newspaper Week has a theme. This year its "America Needs Journalists" with an emphasis on encouraging more students to study journalism.

In the age increasing social media usage and declining newspaper readership, newspaper companies have their work cut out for them. Not only do they need to compete with quality content created and distributed by millions of people free of charge on social media, YouTube, Twitter and blogs, they also have to keep their own websites up-to-date in a 24/7 news cycle yet also publish and distribute a physical paper. Not an easy competitive environment, particularly when national and international news has more or less replaced the local-news focus of yesteryear.

So, for our part, we want to take a moment to salute all the hard working men and women -- from the business owners, administrators, journalists and even paper carriers - who ensure that newspapers remain a part of our life! Happy National Newspaper Week!

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