Monogrammed Steak, Anyone?

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Okay, let’s hear it for the summer! The beach! Flip-flops! A sizzling BBQ! Summer is definitely beckoning. I can smell it. Can’t you? I’m not going to lie- when fall becomes winter, I’m not nearly as enthusiastic. Trust me. But I’m certainly not going to apologize for getting into summer just a wee bit early. If we could have summer all year long I think I would manage just fine. I’ll tell you why: I need my Vitamin D, people. I need it like you need your morning coffee, your weekly massage, the daily paper, an ice-cold drink on a humid summer’s day. I need it because my mood depends on it (yes, please keep away from me when winter comes around).

So, I’m going to scream it from the rooftops. Summer is here! Gosh, I’ve been waiting since last summer for this. And when this summer ends I will wait for the next one. So much waiting around in this life, it ain’t easy.

If you love summer as much as I do, and you’ve been eyeing that outdoor grill all winter long- yes, you guessed it- it’s high time for a barbeque! Another great thing about the summer barbeque? Suddenly all the men are helping with dinner. Did you also notice that? Not sure how that happened- but I’m not going to complain. If that’s the way to get them to roll up their sleeves, I think I’ll move to the Southern Hemisphere when this summer ends.

But yes, I’m for going all out when it comes to summer grilling. I assume you’ve got all the basics (well I sure hope you do!), but have you tried the Personalized Steak Branding Iron? I mean, it does not get cooler- or rather, hotter- than that! There are some other variations that are just as great and will give your steak that ‘made-to-order’ touch. I think it’s fair to say that if you serve up a personalized dinner, yours will definitely be THE barbeque on the block. And let’s not forget that Father’s Day is just around the bend. So give your dad his apron, the tongs and this hot-as-ever branding iron (please don’t forget the meat!), and I can assure you that this will be the first of a summer of memorable dinners. Yes, I do think Dad will roll-up his sleeves again, and again.