Midterm Madness

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Politics seems to permeate many aspects of our lives. Was it like that in the past? Probably not. But now it is. There are three ways to grapple with this reality:

1) IGNORE it ALL. This is a strategy that sounds great, but it can come back to haunt you. You might wake up to a reality you don't like, and you didn't make any effort to impact it. Hm.

2) EMBRACE it ALL - This is a strategy that is destined to make you crazy. Politics can be all-consuming. Its pits "us" against "them" and we can sometime assume the worst about strangers, friends and even family just because we don't agree on some issue. That's not very "future positive" as they say.

3) VOTE & Move On! Yep, its the tried and true, old school method. On one hand, you should have a say in how your community, state and nation are run. On the other hand, once the election has been decided, its time to put it all behind us (at least until the next election cycle) and get on with life, together as united communities and as a united nation.

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