Making Plans, Going Places

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I decided to do it. I'm going to renew an expired passport for my youngest child. Why? I guess I am feeling bullish on the world, despite everything the world keeps dishing up.

Where do you want to go?

We are told that its our actions, not thoughts, that are important and that make the difference. Perhaps if we plan a summer trip, it will have to come to fruition, just as a result of me making those plans! And perhaps not. But then again, perhaps!

So, after giving it some thought, we’re renewing the passport and planning a trip to visit in-laws in Holland. True, the news out of the Netherlands is not great. They are under nightly curfews (really) and have been for a good number of weeks. In addition, multiple European governments just paused their vaccination rollout. What will the summer look like? Will travel and vacation—in the old sense of the words—be something that is possible to experience within just a few months?

Lots of questions, zero answers. But I’m hopeful. I’m bullish on the future. And I’ve been taught that its the only way to live. So, Holland here we come (hopefully)!

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