Holiday Stress - Does It Really Exist?

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The holidays are a joyous time. So we are told. But what about "the stress" that often accompanies this time of the year? Well, like anything of value, there is a price. We cannot expect a stress free holiday that also includes preparations, travel, social gatherings, and festivities of all types. It will be right there with us. 

The question becomes - how does one react to the stress that is present? Will it be the source of angst, annoyance, anxiety, and anger? Or will it be the energy that you harness and channel into productive an proactive thought and action?

Example: Say you are hosting a dinner party. There's plenty to do to make it a great gathering. Yet by recognizing that you can only prepare so much you can accept that ultimately things take their natural course. You can set your mind to make the most of the time together without "owning" every thing that happens. Envisioning how you want your event to turn out and ALSO envisioning letting go of total control can help you "take things as they come" which, in my mind, is the opposite of "stressing out."

I once heard from a wise woman, the question is not "WHY" something is happening, but rather "TO WHAT PURPOSE." What can we learn and take away from a situation. This is a more productive way to considering life's ups and downs.

The holidays, like life, cannot be perfect. While you can plan for perfection, be ready to enjoy a bit of the messy, non-perfect way in which things may play out in reality. 

Happy Holidays!