History in an Ahistorical Era

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We might be living in the most "ahistorical" era ever. Social media has exacerbated what was already a tenuous situation such that nowadays "history" means at best last week and all too often, yesterday.

The lack of historical perspective not only impoverishes our minds, it is also endangers our bodies. Why? First, because history is interesting and intriguing. Secondly, there is much we can learn from the actions of people, communities and nations of the past, with the hope we can avoid similar mistakes that ended in disaster and destruction.

As we mark the 82nd anniversary of the outbreak of World War II this week, we are offering history-teaching items at a discount in our own effort to bolster our collective knowledge. It is exceptionally important that we never allow the mistakes of the past to be made. In doing so we will save many lives and prevent incalculable suffering.

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