Here We Are, Again. How Tragic.

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The world has been given a brutal wake-up call over the last couple of weeks. At a time when spring can been seen peaking about in many parts of the country, and around the world, a war has been suddenly and surprisingly unleashed on an independent country, Ukraine.

Before the end of last month, headlines of a unilateral, unprovoked, and inhumanely violent war being waged against a European country based solely on the cold calculations of a man who holds supreme power in a large and powerful country were relegated to the pages of the historical newspapers we sell. The idea that the West could once again totally misread, misinterpret and fail to stop such unadulterated aggression before it was allowed to take place is unthinkable. But, here we are, again. How tragic.

Millions of refugees have fled their homes. An independent country is being systematically destroyed by the megalomania of an individual who loathes democratic values and who has ruled long enough to feel invincible. And we watch it all unfold, because the time for action was years ago when similar acts were ignored by our leaders, because they didn't really effect us. Unfortunately, the method of turning a blind-eye doesn't have a great track record. So here we are, again. How tragic.

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