Got a Grad in Your Life?


What's just around the corner for a whole new generation of high school and college seniors?


Therefore, so is the age-old question -- what do I get my grad? What gift do you go with? Should it be cash? Cash is always cool, but it certainly never stick around. 

What about travel? That's fun too, with the only drawback being the capital needed to make it happen. 

A new car? You'd earn many months of gratitude a few years of 'servitude' as you pay it off. 

What about something cultural, cool, and less cash intensive? 

For example, an authentic and iconic framed photograph from the pages of LIFE Magazine? Or framed cover or fun advertisement -- from cars to Coke and beer to buses. 

Choose from hundreds of options, from cool cars to Coke and beer to buses, we have them all.

Old School Culture - Authentic feature photos of historical cultural figures and rock stars that appeared in LIFE Magazine such as MLKMick Jagger The Beatles, Frank Zappa, Jimi Hendrix and The Doors, among others. These are the original pages extracted from LIFE and professionally framed! Get $15 off with code "GoodGrad" through April 14 2022.