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Is anyone else scratching their head wondering how we got to February? I’m still putting away my holiday decorations! Yes. I procrastinate like that- especially when I’m trying to avoid reality. Hey, who doesn’t need a little distraction every so often? (Ok, maybe I need it every day but that’s for another time).

So February is a busy month. We’ve got Lincoln’s Birthday coming up on the 12th, followed by Valentine’s Day on the 14th, and then Presidents Day and Washington’s Birthday on the 20th. That’s a lot of parties right there. Sounds like some perfect distractions…definitely my kind of month!

We all know how to celebrate birthdays- I don’t think you need me for that. But when it comes to presidential birthdays- that’s a whole different kind of party. These birthdays give us the perfect opportunity to celebrate the achievements of our presidents, to learn some history and get in to the patriotic spirit! What’s more, at AnyDate.com, we have a wide selection of products and gifts which are educational, historic and fun, to get you in the mood of the day. Now’s the perfect time to get to know our presidents a little more intimately with the Presidential Facts Historic Reprint or browse our War/Politics/Culture category for many more gifts and keepsakes for yourself or another history buff in your life!

Valentine’s Day is of course a terrific opportunity to gift the special person in your life. Now I’m not going to lie- I do love flowers; but there’s no denying that an original newspaper is a unique and personalized gift on a whole different level. The Anniversary Newspaper Set is the perfect way to celebrate Valentine’s Day (yes, it goes well with flowers). You can also visit our site to choose from other personalized gifts, for the perfect match for your significant other.

At AnyDate.com we love to help you celebrate all your special days. February is the perfect time to honor our roots, our history, our country and our families.

So, let’s get the party started!