135 Years Ago Today - National Geographic is Established

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Back on January 13th, 1888, the National Geographic Society was founded "to increase and diffuse geographic knowledge." Over the years, the Society has grown and evolved, but its mission remains the same: to inspire people to care about the planet and to educate them about its many wonders.

One of the ways the National Geographic Society accomplishes its mission is through its magazine, National Geographic. The magazine, which is published in multiple languages and distributed worldwide, is one of the most popular and well-respected publications of its kind. Each issue is filled with stunning photographs, in-depth articles, and fascinating stories about the people, places, and phenomena that make our planet so unique.

National Geographic magazine covers a wide range of topics, from science and technology to culture and history. The magazine's writers and photographers travel to the far corners of the earth to bring readers stories about the most remote and little-known places, as well as the most pressing issues of our time.

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We offer access to old versions of National Geographic, and some of the classic issues as well, including the lunar missions and much more. 

National Geographic also has a digital version of the magazine, which bring all the content in the print version along with additional multimedia features such as videos, virtual reality experiences, interactive maps and more. The digital version of the magazine is also available on all devices, it enhances the readers experience by making it more interactive and accessible. But really, there's nothing like the real thing. 

The National Geographic Society also uses proceeds from the magazine to support its other initiatives, such as funding scientific research and conservation efforts, supporting education programs, and providing grants to photographers and writers.

National Geographic has been recognized for its contribution to media industry, the magazine has won numerous awards for its photography, writing, and storytelling. It has a reputation for presenting accurate and well-researched information to its readers, National Geographic magazine has been praised for its ability to make complex scientific and cultural concepts accessible to a wide audience.

National Geographic Society and National Geographic magazine play an important role in educating and inspiring people to care about the planet. Through its stunning photography, engaging storytelling, and commitment to accurate, in-depth reporting, the magazine has become a respected and beloved institution in the world of journalism.