World War Two Newspapers

World War Two Newspapers - The Washington Post Collection

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    officialproduct.pngThe World War Two Newspapers - The Washington Post Collection includes over 75 dramatic headlines and a total of 164 pages of comprehensive historic coverage of all the major battles of WW2 straight from the pages of The Washington Post.  This commemorative edition starts in 1939 with Germany's invasion of Poland and continues through the darkest days of the early 1940s when it appeared that Germany's power was unstoppable, particularly when it was backed by imperial Japan's might. The book then chronicles the build-up of American and allied power and the slow turn of the tide marked by D-Day, the largest amphibious invasion in history, and on through the fall of the Third Reich and the surrender of the Japanese. Click here to see the contents of the book.

    The articles in the World War Two Newspapers are often first-hand accounts from the battlegrounds, lending a unique and authoritative voice to the accounts that make up the history of this worldwide cataclysm.

    The World War Two Newspapers - The Washington Post Collection is bound in an attractive emerald green leatherette hardcover binding and is gold-embossed with the masthead of The Washington Post. You can personalize this unique gift by having the recipient's name gold-embossed on the cover.

    The World War Two Newspapers- The Washington Post Collection comes in a convenient 12.5" x 15" size. It's a perfect gift and keepsake for anyone with a special interest World War II.

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