Queen Elizabeth Pictorial Newspaper Book

A Queen Elizabeth Pictorial Newspaper Book

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    Queen Elizabeth II began her reign as England's monarch on February 6, 1952 when her father, King George VI passed. She was just 26 years old at the time. She has since become England’s longest reigning monarch.

    This fascinating and beautiful Queen Elizabeth II Pictorial Newspaper Book chronicles the Queen’s life and takes you through key moments that have defined her reign. From the Coronation on June 2nd 1953, official tours throughout the Commonwealth and much more, you'll see how the Queen ruled. The births, marriages and deaths of Royal Family members are also covered. Updated until the Queen's 90th birthday, this book is bound in a luxurious black leather cover and comes with a complimentary Remember When gift box.  

    British journalists are known for their ability to be able to capture the most amazing images of the Royals, so this Pictorial Newspaper Book based on UK coverage really delivers the goods. This book is perfect for fans of "The Crown" and followers of the England's Royal Family. Emboss their name on the cover in royal fashion! 

    We also offer a similar book about the Queen's husband, Prince Philip and also Princess Diana. You add that book to your order at a special discounted price by checking the box above.

    This unique historical book includes 180 pages and its convenient 15" x 12" size makes for easy handling.


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