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Life Magazine - Special Originals on Sale!

Prices are in US Dollars 29.99
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    These specially priced LIFE Magazine are all on sale. They are in excellent condition for their age. Enjoy an iconic LIFE Magazine at a special low price for the dates listed above!

    You'll receive the complete magazine delivered directly to your home, just like it would have been was in the past! As originals, most editions will include a mailing label either on the back cover or the front cover which adds to its authenticity.

    Editions Available By Year/Edition Date 

    • From 1937: 15-Feb-37, 22-Mar-37, 3-May-37, 21-Jun-37, 26-Jul-37, 16-Aug-37, 11-Oct-37 From 1938: 28-Feb-38, 25-Apr-38, 20-Jun-38, 14-Nov-38
    • From 1939: 6-Mar-39, 3-Apr-39, 10-Apr-39, 17-Apr-39, 24-Apr-39, 3-Jul-39, 24-Jul-39
    • From 1946: 4-Feb-46, 1-Apr-46, 15-Jul-46, 29-Jul-46, 5-Aug-46, 2-Sep-46, 9-Sep-46, 23-Sep-46, 7-Oct-46, 28-Oct-46, 11-Nov-46, 30-Dec-46
    • From 1947: 26-May-47, 14-Jul-47
    • From 1948: 5-Apr-48, 12-Apr-48, 19-Apr-48, 24-May-48, 7-Jun-48, 19-Jul-48, 2-Aug-48, 9-Aug-48, 13-Sep-48
    • From 1949: 18-Apr-49, 1-Aug-49, 3-Oct-49
    • From 1950: 17-Jul-50, 21-Aug-50
    • From 1951: 9-Mar-51, 25-Jun-51, 13-Aug-51, 22-Oct-51, 29-Oct-51
    • From 1952: 11-Feb-52, 31-Mar-52, 4-Aug-52, 15-Sep-52
    • From 1953: 20-Mar-53
    • From 1954: 22-Mar-54, 26-Apr-54, 17-May-54, 9-Aug-54, 4-Oct-54, 11-Oct-54, 18-Oct-54, 25-Oct-54, 8-Nov-54, 13-Dec-54, 20-Dec-54, 27-Dec-54
    • From 1955: 24-Jan-55, 31-Jan-55, 7-Feb-55, 14-Feb-55, 7-Mar-55, 11-Apr-55, 18-Apr-55, 6-Jun-55, 18-Jul-55, 25-Jul-55, 1-Aug-55, 22-Aug-55, 5-Sep-55, 19-Sep-55, 26-Sep-55, 24-Oct-55, 31-Oct-55, 7-Nov-55, 28-Nov-55
    • From 1956: 9-Jan-56, 23-Jan-56, 30-Jan-56, 20-Feb-56, 5-Mar-56, 12-Mar-56, 2-Apr-56, 9-Apr-56, 16-Apr-56, 30-Apr-56, 7-May-56, 21-May-56, 4-Jun-56, 9-Jul-56, 16-Jul-56, 23-Jul-56, 30-Jul-56, 6-Aug-56, 20-Aug-56, 27-Aug-56, 22-Oct-56, 5-Nov-56, 12-Nov-56, 19-Nov-56, 26-Nov-56, 3-Dec-56, 10-Dec-56
    • From 1957: 28-Jan-57, 4-Mar-57, 11-Mar-57, 18-Mar-57, 8-Apr-57, 15-Apr-57, 22-Apr-57, 29-Apr-57, 20-May-57, 27-May-57, 3-Jun-57, 10-Jun-57, 24-Jun-57, 1-Jul-57, 22-Jul-57, 12-Aug-57, 26-Aug-57, 16-Sep-57, 25-Nov-57
    • From 1958: 6-Jan-58, 13-Jan-58, 20-Jan-58, 17-Feb-58, 24-Feb-58, 24-Mar-58, 21-Apr-58, 5-May-58, 12-May-58, 19-May-58, 26-May-58, 2-Jun-58, 16-Jun-58, 14-Jul-58, 21-Jul-58, 22-Sep-58, 28-Sep-58, 29-Sep-58, 20-Oct-58, 27-Oct-58, 17-Nov-58, 24-Nov-58, 1-Dec-58
    • From 1959: 2-Feb-59, 9-Feb-59, 2-Mar-59, 16-Mar-59, 6-Apr-59, 4-May-59, 11-May-59, 18-May-59, 25-May-59, 1-Jun-59, 22-Jun-59, 29-Jun-59, 6-Jul-59, 27-Jul-59, 17-Aug-59, 14-Sep-59, 5-Oct-59, 19-Oct-59, 2-Nov-59, 23-Nov-59, 7-Dec-59, 21-Dec-59
    • From 1960: 11-Jan-60, 18-Jan-60, 25-Jan-60, 1-Feb-60, 15-Feb-60, 29-Feb-60, 7-Mar-60, 21-Mar-60, 4-Apr-60, 18-Apr-60, 30-May-60, 6-Jun-60, 15-Aug-60, 7-Nov-60, 14-Nov-60, 12-Dec-60, 19-Dec-60
    • From 1961: 13-Jan-61, 10-Feb-61, 21-Apr-61, 9-Jun-61, 30-Jun-61, 7-Jul-61, 10-Nov-61, 22-Dec-61
    • From 1962: 13-Mar-62, 15-Jun-62, 29-Jun-62, 10-Aug-62, 24-Aug-62, 14-Dec-62
    • From 1963: 1-Feb-63, 24-May-63, 7-Jun-63, 14-Jun-63, 12-Jul-63, 26-Jul-63, 2-Aug-63, 20-Sep-63, 27-Sep-63, 25-Oct-63
    • From 1964: 6-Mar-64, 24-Apr-64, 5-Jun-64, 30-Jul-64, 6-Nov-64
    • From 1965: 22-Jan-65, 7-May-65, 11-Jun-65, 9-Jul-65
    • From 1966: 7-Jan-66, 8-Apr-66, 16-Sep-66, 7-Oct-66
    • From 1968: 26-Apr-68, 20-Sep-68, 11-Oct-68, 18-Oct-68, 25-Oct-68, 8-Nov-68


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