LIFE Magazine - Framed Original Ad - 1964 Wife-Wrecked VW Bug Ad

LIFE Magazine - Framed Original Ad - 1964 Wife-Wrecked VW Bug Ad

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    LIFE Magazine ran some racy ads. This, however, was not one of them. Today this politically incorrect message would never be allowed to grace the pages of a respectable magazine. But back in 1964 when this ad was printed, the idea that women were bad drivers was apparently considered fact. Upon order, this advertisement will be painstakingly extracted from the original edition in which it appears and carefully framed and packaged for delivery. 

    Even without checking the statistics, many would wager that its men who are involved in most road accidents. Back in the 1960's more and more women were attaining licenses, and males were slowly losing their dominance on the roads, which perhaps threatened their sense of masculinity. Then someone came up with a sneaky way for them to save face: Blame women for all the accidents! Regardless, this is a wildly politically incorrect ad that makes it even more iconic!    

    This ad will look amazing in any home, an office, dormitory or in a restaurant or bar! Since the ad is the original from an authentic and rare LIFE Magazine, you can rest assured of its unique value! This is a perfect birthday, holiday, Father’s Day or Mother’s Day gift!  Personalize this gift by including a certificate of authenticity with your special message.

    The LIFE Magazine ad itself measures approximately 10.5″ x 13.5″ and it surrounded by a white professional framing mat cut to this ad’s specifications. The total area of the advertisement and the mat measures 15.75” x 19.7” and looks fantastic. The handsome and contemporary dark-brown frame itself is a high-quality medium-density fiberboard (MDF) with shatterproof plexiglass.

    As an ad taken from an original magazine from the stated date, the ad may show signs of aging.  As a collector’s item, all sales are final and returns are not accepted.

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