LA Lakers History & Kobe Bryant Memorial Book Set

LA Lakers History & Kobe Bryant Memorial Book Set

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    The LA Lakers History & Kobe Bryant Memorial Book Set is the ultimate gift for true LA Lakers fans. You'll get a complete LA Lakers Fans Personalized Newspaper Team book that covers all the greatest moments of the Los Angeles -- including the remarkable 2020 Championship over the Miami Heat -- as well as a special edition of the Kobe Bryant Memorial Tribute from the LA Times.

    The LA Lakers Team History book includes key headlines and articles of the LA Times from 1960 through the present in a beautifully bound brown leatherette hardcover.

    The Kobe Bryant Newspaper Tribute from the LA Times is a hardbound book packed with over 200 pages of commemorative Los Angeles Times coverage of the late Kobe Bryant's brilliant career. Bound in an iconic Lakers golden cover with a foil embossed title the book includes all of the key moments and successes achieved over the course of the twenty seasons Kobe played professionally.

    Both books measure 12.5" x 15". The cover of both can be gold embossed with the recipient's name.

    Finally, the set arrives in a Lakers purple box, topping off this premium LA Lakers fan gift.

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