David Bowie - A Newspaper History Book

David Bowie - A Newspaper History Book

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    David Bowie was a legend. This English singer-songwriter and actor is considered as one of the most influential musicians of the 20th century. During this life, he was a leading figure in the music industry. His iconic music resonates with people of all ages, decades after its release and years after his death.

    Get a fantastic historic perspective on Bowie's life in the limelight as reported by the British press who knew him best. With this newspaper history book, you'll see how Bowie reinvented himself over the years and read articles highlighting how experimental Bowie's music was throughout his life.

    Articles complement the pictorial sections throughout this unique collection. Bowie’s retirement from making music didn’t stop him from appearing in the papers, anniversaries of famous albums and songs are well documented, as well as coverage of a London exhibition dedicated to him. His untimely death in 2016 hit hard and this book features touching tributes for this true legend.

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