Wow! I can't believe its an original!

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We hear it time and again. 

The sentiment I am referring to is the excitement and surprise when our customers who have purchased an original, authentic newspaper from let us know that they are so excited that the item receive was indeed an original!  

We are, of course, very pleased that our customers are as excited about our products as we are, but we are also (secretly) amused. Why? Well, imagine if someone bought a watch and put it on his wrist and told the jeweler, "I'm so excited its really a watch!" That's sorta what's happening here. But, like the jeweler would be, we are always happy to share in the excitement of our customers.  We never tire of helping them give the "gift of perspective" so that a loved one or friend can re-discover a bygone era or a special time in their own life. 

The gift of an original newspaper from someone's day of birth really is a unique, one-of-a-kind item that brings out the best in all of us! 

Isn't that what this season is all about?