Winter Wonderland?

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Winter wonderland? Not for me - at least not growing up in Houston. In my youth, I can recall only two glorious days of snow falling in Houston. Those were amazing days when all the kids on the block spent the entire day outside playing in the snow, playing football, trying to sleigh down the slopes (of our driveways!) and basically trying to cram a life time of winter fun into the snow days granted us. And to do it quick before it all melted away!

The irony is that we were the owners of a beautiful pure-breed Alaskan Spitz -- know today as an "American Eskimo Dog." How exactly we came to own our snow-white and aptly named "Fluffy" in hot, humid Houston of all places is a long and complicated story. But, owned him we did. During the summer (and for a good portion of the year), Fluffy shed what he could to get through the heat. But when in whiff of winter arrived -- he was in heaven. 

And on those white snow days in Houston that we experienced, you've never seen a happier dog in your life. Happier, I would say, than we were because snow was in his soul.  It was truly a sight to see.

Today, when I visit Houston in the winter, I certainly do not expect snow. In fact, its always fun to remember those days while enjoying the mild and pleasant weather. No snow plows, no slush, no shoveling. All grown up,  snow has lost its novelty!