​What is a mother?

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A mother is selfless and loves unconditionally. She is strength and emotion, bravery and kindness. She is available at all hours of the day, her job never ends. She worries and cares from the very first moment, through her child’s infancy, childhood, teenage years, adult years and beyond. She wants to protect but must know when to let go. She cannot slack off, because she is being watched at every moment. Her children are learning not only from the things she says, but also from what she holds back. There are no vacation days, no sick days and little time to take a break. She is on call at every moment. She must perform with dignity, grace and a constant smile.

It has been said that “we must give our children roots and wings- but the hard part, is never the roots.” Raising our children and watching them grow is an awesome task and responsibility. The foundation we provide is the springboard on which they eventually build their own lives. If we do that well, they have the necessary tools to go out on their own. It’s far from easy to provide a solid base, but it is often harder to let go and watch them leave the nest. Our natural instincts urge us to keep them safe so that they don’t ever fall- but the greatest resilience and growth happens only after failure. To trust our children to make their own mistakes, and to allow them to figure out how to rise again is the ultimate strength.

On Mother’s Day, we celebrate our mothers, grandmothers, wives, sisters, daughters and granddaughters. They are all given the greatest possibility of being a living example, and for this, they are to be acknowledged. Make this day meaningful by choosing the Mother’s Day Puzzle or I Love You Mom Puzzle for the woman who has set the bar and is always rooting for you.