Welcome Back, Rocktober!

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It comes every year to usher in the Fall.  At long last, Rocktober is BACK!  

Who's psyched about that? Well, me for one. 

The fact is it's always fun to have a reason to celebrate. After enjoying a long summer, we are treated to Labor Day in early September.  November has Thanksgiving and December and January...well, holidays galore. 

But October is left hanging a bit. Sure there's Halloween, but that is on the very last day of the month. But sans Rocktober, the month of October turns into a full 30 days of mind numbing routine...and that's just not good enough. 

It is for that reason, perhaps, that Rocktober -- the month-long celebration of classic rock -- was invented.  You may think that Rocktober is just an ad-hoc play on words that classic rock radio DJ's use to build excitement but according to at least one website, Rocktober is actually some form of law in the USA. Strange but true. 

If everything checks out from the one source that we bothered to examine before writing this particular post, Rocktober's legal basis began in 1985 when nearly 3000 people petitioned Congress to designate October as Rocktober on classic rock radio stations. It was ratified as part of an immigration bill signed into law by Ronald Reagan in 1986. Who knew?!

While Rocktober is awesome, the fact is anyone can enjoy classic rock as if it was Rocktober all year long. But just as the fact that you can drink beer all year long doesn't stop people from celebrating Oktoberfest, those of us who cling to years gone by -- and the best rock music ever made -- can celebrate Rocktober like there's no November.

Happy Rocktober!