Time To Get Personal

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With Mother’s Day fast approaching, you’ve surely seen all the lists out there for the best gifts for your Mom. Let’s be honest: there is nothing truly unique about a Mother’s Day gift, unless you put in the effort to make it personal. A bunch of roses is nice, but how is that custom-made for your Mom? Well okay- maybe if you plant a rose bush just for her, then you can cut her some stems once a year (hey, I do love flowers by the way).

We are certainly grateful that our Moms are, well- Moms (!) – but let’s give our mothers a bit more credit for that title. When you think of your Mom, what comes to mind? Do you feel a sense of gratitude for the lessons she has taught you about raising your own children? Maybe she has shown you the importance of kindness, or has always been an example of calm and poise, no matter what life has given her. Perhaps she spent hours in the kitchen and taught you how to make the best pumpkin pie that now your family enjoys. Surely you can find those specific, ‘uniquely her’ traits that make her special (not to mention the gift of life that she has given you).

So Mother’s Day (like every day, really) is about showing appreciation for those big and little things. When you put some effort into finding just the right gift to let her know that she is loved and appreciated, your Mom will know how grateful you truly are.

A gift that stays close to every Mama’s heart is a unique fingerprint Charm Necklace that is made just for her and is a constant reminder of love and family. Of course there’s the ever impressive Birthday Newspaper that will give your Mom just the right amount of history and fun to keep her occupied all Sunday afternoon, or the Hometown Puzzle which is a great way to reminisce together about the neighborhood you grew up in. Don’t underestimate a personalized mug (add photos for real memories) or any kitchen or bath product with her name prominently displayed. A customized gift is the perfect way to celebrate the day and let Mom know that she is truly one of a kind.

There is so much out there- please don’t cop out with (only) a bunch of flowers.